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featured book

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Grandma's Hands Celebrates Mothers Around The World

Drawing Inspiration from Family, Dr. Mackie's New Book
Offers Lessons of Faith and Wisdom

New Orleans, LA - April, 2012 - Having lived through harrowing events such as Hurricane Katrina, generational hardships in the racially-segregated South, and his own personal struggles, Dr. Calvin Mackie has overcome it all with responsibility, faith, and character-virtues ingrained in him by wise women in his family. In his new book, Grandma's Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom (Acanthus Publishing, 2012), Dr. Mackie celebrates the enduring values of these iconic figures, offering their guidance and wisdom for the challenges of 21st-century life.
Each chapter in his book is inspired by a well-known proverb that Dr. Mackie, award-winning engineer, speaker, inventor, and activist, learned from the courageous women who helped raise him. Accompanied by relevant scriptural references, each proverb features a collage of photographs of mothers and grandmothers expressing their unique cultural identity. Beautifully crafted as a table-top, full-color, hardcover gift book, Dr. Mackie presents countless truths in a refreshingly relevant, thought-provoking, and genuinely useful light.
"The passages in this book are what brought out the best in me and will give readers the power to live their lives to the fullest, no matter what struggles they face," says Dr. Mackie. "Without pride and confidence in ourselves and in God, we could never achieve the greatness within. All of us must have faith. We simply must rise to whatever challenge faces us with the knowledge that we have been impregnated with greatness and all that we need is within us."
Grandma's Hands presents biblical passages, proverbs, and life lessons that have been passed through countless generations. With a foreword by Pastor Fred Luter Jr. and epilogue by Bishop James N. Brown, the messages in this book defy gender, ethnicity, age, occupation, and religious denomination-it is meant for all to learn from and enjoy.
"Dr. Mackie has masterfully uncovered and conveyed so many timeless truths," says publisher Paige Stover Hague. "It will fill readers' hearts with joy and encouragement when they see that principles and virtues that worked centuries ago are still just as relevant today. I am so delighted to publish this book; the wisdom it contains has the power to strengthen the world."
Dr. Mackie draws from his personal life experiences with business, family, and education. With huge, eye-catching, beautifully rendered pictures and photographs throughout this 232-page book, it's the perfect Mother's Day gift or present for that special someone. Meant to be shared with loved ones, this book will have a lifelong positive impact on the families that adopt this book into their homes.
Published by Acanthus Publishing, the book is now available for purchase online at at the retail price of $29.95. For media interested in review copies, please contact Luke Messecar at
About the Author
Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award-winning engineer, internationally renowned motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, and arbiter of social change. He is a recognized and respected authority on business decision-making and ethics, leadership, educational excellence, and mentorship. His first, best-selling book, A View from the Roof, offers life lessons that empowered him to reach his dreams without compromising his values. It is now in its sixth printing and has sold over 30,000 copies around the world.
Dr. Mackie currently resides in New Orleans with his wife, Tracy, and two sons, Myles and Mason.