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featured book


Grandma's Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom
Acanthus Publishing, 232 pages, hardcover

Description:  Dr. Calvin Mackie's impassioned celebration of the enduring values of our elder generations, whose wisdom and experience bring a humbled perspective and clear direction to the challenges of our daily lives. More info

PRICE: $39.95

A View from the Roof - Lessons for Life & Business
Acanthus Publishing, 195 pages, soft cover

Description:  In A View from the Roof - Lessons for Life & Business, Dr. Calvin Mackie brings you right in the front door of his New Orleans home and up on the roof for an intimate look at his hard-nosed, but endearing dad Willie Mackie Sr. One part memoir, one part motivation, this book offers an array of practical wisdom that will lead anyone to greatness. More info

PRICE: $17.95

Also available on Kindle.