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If there is a specific speech that you are interested in ordering, contact us and let us know. We have most of Dr. Mackie's speeches archived and can readily ship a CD of the specific speech that you are looking for. Simply email us the date and location where the speech was given, and we will contact you with more information.

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African Americans & Technology (47 min.)

Description: In this speech, Dr. Mackie presents a historical overview of African Americans vis-a-vis the technological advancement of our nation. This speech, given at Johns Hopkins University poses compelling questions and conclusions about social development and economic prosperity for all Americans for years to come.
PRICE: $10.00

A New Frontier (61 min.)

Description: This dual-speech collection, contains practical advice for today's generation as they prepare for a future of promise, opportunity and success. Dr. Mackie's witty and insightful message to young people is filled with the wisdom passed down from our elders, presented in the context of tomorrow's technology-driven world.
PRICE: $10.00

Free Willie

Description: Free Willie is one of Dr. Mackie's most popular speeches. He has been delivering this thoughtful and insightful motivational talk since 1997. In the speech Dr. Mackie challenges the young and old alike to define what it means to be free. He challenges you to truly tap your creative potential and move beyond the societal barriers. You have got to get this CD. Order Now!!!
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Save The Cheetah Cubs (44 min.)

Description:In this speech, Dr. Mackie presents a metaphor from wildlife that provides insight into one of our most pressing problems, "how can we protect and guide our young people."

By exploring the threats, enemies and survival strategies of baby cheetahs, Dr. Mackie unlocks solutions for how each and every one of us can save our own "Cheetah Cubs."
PRICE: $10.00

The Lobster's Lament (47 min.)

Description:In this speech, Dr. Mackie further explores the lessons of the natural world by exploring a critical dilemma faced by developing lobsters. The developing lobster can either choose to face uncertainty in order to grow and lead a full life, or remain in a "comfort zone" and perish.

Like the developing lobster, we also have a choice.
What will it be?
PRICE: $10.00

Morehouse College - Freshmen Orientation

Description:Don't miss this opportunity to get Dr. Mackie's Morehouse College speech TODAY!! This speech was given on August 20, 2009. Order now!
PRICE: $10.00