Drawing inspiration from the women in the author's family, Grandma's Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom is Dr. Calvin Mackie's impassioned celebration of the enduring values of our elder generations, whose wisdom and experience bring a humbled perspective and clear direction to the challenges of our daily lives. The text of this book includes over 100 well-known proverbs, accompanied by the original thoughtful reflections of Dr. Mackie, with a direct application to 21st century life. The pages are filled with glorious photographs of mothers and grandmothers in celebration of their unique cultural and maternal identity, surrounded with the love and affection of family. 

Grandma's Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom

SKU: 978-0-9847333-2-3
  • Acanthus Publishing, 232 pages, hardcover
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9847333-2-3
    RETAIL PRICE: $39.95 


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